FAQ: What Is An Undesirable Emission (and A Greenhouse Gas) From Coal Mining?

What is an undesirable emission from coal mining?

methane. what is an undesirable emission from coal mining.

Which controversial mining method mostly West Virginia Kentucky and some other states is this?

Mountaintop removal began in the 1970s as a cheap alternative to underground mining. It is now used for extracting coal mainly in the Appalachian Mountains of the U.S., in states including Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. MTR is probaby the most controversial coal mining technique.

Why is higher temperature steam an advantage in steam cycle systems?

Why is higher temperature steam an advantage in steam – cycle systems? It is used to make handling, transportation, and use of biomass in a combustion system easier.

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Why is the sun the source of all our fossil fuels and nearly all of our renewable energy quizlet?

The sun is the source of all our fossil fuels and nearly all of our renewable energy because all the energy in oil, gas, and coal originally came from the sun, captured through photosynthesis. We can think of this energy as having been deposited in a natural solar power bank over millions of years.

What are the positive effects of coal mining?

Coal provides many jobs. Unlike other forms of energy (nuclear, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric), coal provides many jobs in removing coal from the earth, transporting it to the utility, burning it, and properly disposing of coal ash. Coal is American made. We do not have to import this product into this country.

What are 3 negative effects of coal mining?

Several principal emissions result from coal combustion:

  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2), which contributes to acid rain and respiratory illnesses.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx), which contribute to smog and respiratory illnesses.
  • Particulates, which contribute to smog, haze, and respiratory illnesses and lung disease.

Which type of mining is likely the least harmful to the environment?

Placer mining can be less damaging to the environment than surface mines, as the sediment is returned to the water after the minerals have been extracted. Compare surface, subsurface, and placer mining in terms of damage to the environment.

What is the most likely consequence of open pit mining on plant life?

The soil looses it’s fertility. This converts the mining site into a barren land. Therefore, the complete loss of plant life in the area occupied by the surface mine is the most likely consequences of open pit mining on plant life.

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Why is mountaintop removal bad?

This destructive practice, known as mountaintop-removal mining, sends carcinogenic toxins like silica into the air, affecting communities for miles around. It also destroys beautiful, biodiverse forests and wildlife habitat, increases the risk of flooding, and wipes out entire communities.

Which technology does not release greenhouse gases?

Renewable energy sources include solar energy, geothermal, wind turbines, ocean wave and tidal energy, waste and biomass energy, and hydropower. Because they do not burn fossil fuels, these renewable energy sources do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they generate electricity.

What is the importance of steam cycle?

Mixed gas-steam cycles have been proposed to increase the efficiency of gas turbine engines. These cycles allow exhaust heat to be recovered for re-use within the gas turbine plant and are an attractive alternative to combined cycles for small and middle range industrial power plants.

What is high temperature steam?

Superheated steam is steam at a temperature higher than its vaporization point at the absolute pressure where the temperature is measured. Superheated steam and liquid water cannot coexist under thermodynamic equilibrium, as any additional heat simply evaporates more water and the steam will become saturated steam.

What is the fastest growing source of energy in the world?

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source globally and in the United States. Globally: Eighteen percent of the energy consumed globally for heating, power, and transportation was from renewable sources in 2017 (see figure below).

What is the ultimate source of all renewable energy?

The Sun is a renewable source of energy and is one of the cleanest sources.

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What are 3 major fossil fuels?

Coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuels.

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